Welcome to the Empire


    Thousands of Imperial drones plunged through the atmosphere in plumes of white vapor.  They sniffed out communication signals all over the planet, and crisscrossed the sky in different directions.  Each one in turn, settled over a radio transmitter, or television station, or internet server hub, and came to a still rest in mid-air.  Blinking red lights accompanied the message that was broadcast and continuously repeated across every frequency in the spectrum.  

    "Inhabitants of Earth.  My name is Vice Admiral Ponce of the New Galactic Empire.  Throughout your planet's history, you have enjoyed a secluded location in the galaxy.  However, recently it has been determined that in coming eons, your immediate star cluster will cross into a more heavily populated sector. Being the only inhabitable planet in your cluster, Earth will increasingly become a very vulnerable and strategic target. 

    Fortunately, the Empire has elected to take measures necessary to ensure the safety and security of Earth.  A compliment of two Imperial Battle cruisers, and a Planetary Battle Station have been positioned in your immediate sector.  These are visible to you, and should serve as a reminder of our presence.  

    While your governmental institutions may remain in place to preserve civil peace, Imperial rule will take precedence as the highest authority for matters of planetary security.  It will be necessary for Earth to dedicate all available capital and resources, both material and labor, towards the construction of planetary defense structures.  The Empire will provide the necessary technology, as well as personnel to oversee and manage these vital global projects.  Please be prepared to do your part.  

    Thank you, and welcome to the Empire." 

The End

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