My name IS

I don't have a particularly interesting name and I'm not even sure I have much of a back story to go with it but hey ho.

My name is Catherine Anne Shepherd. EVERYBODY calls me Katie though as I am so not fond of the name Catherine although my mum loves it. My dad preferred Katie though so yeah.

Not too sure why my middle name is Anne, I just think they liked it and it went well with my name and had a nice ring to it. I do share my middle name with my grandma though that is all I know. 

I'm also not too sure where Shepherd originates from but I have been teased for having the surname of Shepherd, not serious teasing, just messing around. My friend called me Katie Shep Shep. Or Katie Sheep. Gotta love your friends :')

But yeah not a particularly interesting story but there we are! That is my name.

Oh yeah I've also googled what Catherine/Katie means and it means "Pure" haha. Yeah that's me.

The End

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