Oh well....

My name is not sally of Kim or Jane. It doesn't mean anything, but it does represent something. I wish it could mean something like creative or funny or beautiful but it doesn't . Oh well.

Shelby Renee Keating.

I will start at the end, just to be different.

Keating: Irish in background. Not sure what it means. I am just stuck with it. I won't pass it on though, and neither will anyone else. The Keating name ends with two girls.

Renee: my mother's mother was named Renee. I never met her, but I got her name. I used to be really embarrassed about it, but then I got over it. I started using it as a profile name some years ago, because you aren't supposed to use your real name. It just makes it easier to remember what it is, since it is Renee999 on most sites I am part of.

Shelby: Finally we get to the beginning. My mom wanted something different, something that they didn't know 20 people named. My dad didn't care, as long as it was easy to pronounce. My dad's life long dream has been to own two things. A Chihuahua and a Shelby. Not a daughter named Shelby, but the car. It is a type of mustang. Of course, now I realize I am lucky I am not named Chihuahua. I know about 10 Shelbys now, but it is okay. I am still the only me.

I like weird spellings of normal names. I love this one in particular.


If I was going to be a boy, my name would have been Zachary.

Oh well.... 

The End

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