Well, it’s not a long story…..

Lindsay Allison Sanderson


There’s my name, but don’t worry about saying it too much, it’s already worn out. Each of the three names are plain, overused and simply….Well just a little too simple.


 Lindsay- Well, my parents really weren’t aware of it when they named me, but it’s my great, great, great, great….You get the point, Grandpa’s last name. Well, with the exception of being spelled ‘Lindsey’ with an E instead of an A.


Allison – Totally random middle name, it holds no meaning….Well not yet, anyways. When I’m done with it, then it will mean something. But until I’m dead, it has no value, really.


Sanderson – The most common last name in the book. My friends have trouble calling me because when they look Sanderson up in the phone book, there are about a billion Sanderson’s there. And, well it also maybe because my number’s not even in the phone book.


Spiderwebz – I don’t know why I like this name, but I do. It screams, ‘Look at me!” Having a name that in no way is ostentatious, I need something that can define me for being me. My name is plain, I’m not.


So, anyone else out there with a name that is incredibly and horribly plain, and want to spice it up a bit?  

The End

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