Well, this is me...

My full name is Andrew Ronald Holloway. Not sure why my parents opted for Andrew to be honest, could be it was a popular choice back in the late '70s I guess, who knows.

Ronald is after my dad, who was just simply Ron. Never had a chance to really get to know him as he died by the time i was about 3.

Holloway, I always thought, was a Scottish name. Turned out it's from Essex way...


My paternal uncle has done research into our family tree. Turns out, my surname (if you follow the male lineage) should have been McAuliffe.  Least i think thats how it's spelled :?

He found out that great grandaddy 2 or 3 times removed was a Mr McAuliffe from Ireland, who died and left a widow with 2 sons. When she remarried to a Mr Holloway, the older son kept the surname and emigrated to the states, and the younger became Master Holloway, who can be traced to me.


I plan on naming our children along the 'tradition' that my sister started with my niece and nephew, creating their names from family ones.

I would like a son to be called Colm Rhys Holloway, as my paternal uncle is Malcom, and Beth's grandfather was called Rhys. Still trying to get a daughters name of Fran after my nan Frances though :D


The End

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