Lord Poozzab... or "Danny-boy" as i'm affectionatly called.

I'd like to be called "Lord Poozzab" but as it's so preposterously unique to the point of people stoning me or rioting me out of town, I think I'll stick with a simple "Daniel Lees".

"Daniel" comes from my father. Though his name was Robert like his father, while my mother was pregnant with me he was out to sea with the navy. (In the navy! do-do doo-doo motherland! In the navy!) Well, one night, drunk at a bar, he got on stage singing karaoke and sang "Daniel" by Elton John, you know. The one about that spanish blind dude that couldn't see and was riding off into the sunset on a donkey? That one? Yea, my pappy sang that and called my mom up asking about "Daniel". She was confused, and he informed her that that was the name he'd decided was to be mine.

So, i'm birthed, and they're both in the delivery room, and my wonderful mother had just passed me from her womb. Everything is fine, until my mother says "call my mom, don't let her be worried if anything bad happened." My dad said, "I'm not calling her until we decide a name for the boy."

I'll let you know that I have an older brother, and he too was given a huge bit of grief over when birthed. My father wanted his way of naming him, and my parents refused to agree to anything before the fact. Stubborn people, huh?

Well, my mother says, "No. You call my mother right now, and tell her." My father is a very tough man, having been in the navy and not. He refused and said, "Let's call him Daniel." and my mother said "no. Let's name him Thomas. Gregory Thomas."

My father looked to the nurse and demanded, "Give her another hit of morphine." Zonk! More drugs! my mother couldnt' fight it much more, and so my name came to be Daniel.

"Lees" comes from my great Grandma Dory (may she rest in peace) who's last name was Lees until marriage. Me inheriting it wasn't all that special, but I got lees cause my brother had it and my father didn't want me to feel like they loved me any less than them. (Father is Robert Lees, brother is Jeffery Lees, I am Daniel Lees.)

My last name is cause that's my family's name. No sense describing it!

"Lord Poozzab" and "Pozzy the Great" come from an experience in 6th grade I'll never forget. my friend Pierre and I (who I've known since 2nd grade and before) were in this one class where we were on computers for 2 hours. I'd get my work done in an hour and wouldn't have anything to do for the rest of the month so we sat around and laughed and played. It was awesome. Well, one day we had to design web pages on a website called freewebs, and I really didn't know what to use for my username. So we were shouting out silly little immature things to use as usernames like "poophead" and what have you, and he said "how bout "Zab? that's funny" and I said "Poozzab! Ha!" (i'd accidentally typed it into the box from poo something). I looked at it, giggled, and it just felt 'right' for some reason. God only knows there are things that are perfect and destined for a single person to use for ever, and I'll probably always be sononymous with this name.

So remember me as either "Lord Poozzab" or "Daniel Lees". Both good names, significantly related to myself.


Oh, and I forgot. My great Grandmothers name was Dory Lees, and because DLB when married. My initials? DLB. She gave me a picture she got when she was born with her initials on it because we had such a bond. (It's a sad clown. Hooray!)

The End

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