C-a-t-h-r-y wait y? yes y-n

Yes I am a Cathryn, but no just any Cathryn, I have one of the oddest spellings of Cathryn I know. No not ine or Kat, C a t h r y n. Why? You'll have to ask my mom and dad. I never have.

I only know that my name is the reverse of the woman my father called his Albuquerque mommy. She's Leigh Cathrine and I'm Cathryn Leigh. As to his nickname for her (even though she's only two years older than him) - well that's because he came to the United States when he was fifteen after having been born and raised in Paruguay, where his parents were American missionaries. Apparently he stayed with Leigh and she showed him the ropes of America... or mothered him when his mother was away, or something like that. I've never asked.

Now my mom, having let my Dad give me my name, then INSISTED that I would not be called Cathy or Catie or anything like that (her brother had a lot of Kathy/Katies in his life). So for her sake I was given the nick name of Cayla - the C-a-y from Cathryn the L from Leigh and the A from Adams.

Yup, I am distantly related to those two American Presidents. Although we had fun at a family reunion once, with everyone wearing an Addams family T-shirt for the Family photo. I got to be cousin It (I had the long hair) and one of my other cousins was Cousin-I-got-cousin-It's-hand-all-slimy (he had licked my hand, eww).

Of course I'm no longer an Adams having gotten married and all. The fun part is, I now have to spell my last name out too. M-u-l-l-e-n, yes, e-n, Mullen.

So that's me, what about you?

The End

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