My name is Louise Anne Fraser.

Not really the most exciting out there, is it? The story about it isn't the most intriguing, either. I was named after my mom's best friend, who is also my godmother, which can make life confusing. Both first and second name! My dad wanted to call me Fiona, which is slightly more original, but he lost that battle, and now that is my sister's first name.

I don't mind my name, despite its rather uninteresting qualities. One thing I seriously dislike though are some of the abbreviations. 'Lou' for example. I live in England, and who honestly wants to have a name thats sounds like the slang for toilet?

Anne's okay, as middle names go. And yes, it has an 'E'. I like it, if only because it has an even number of letters. Random, huh. 

Fraser is my dad's last name, and I quite like it. Although ever since the tv programme 'Frasier' came out the spelling mistakes have become irritating.

 It is slightly ironic when you consider that Louise is German, meaning 'Famous Warrior' supposedly, whilst Fraser is originally french. Those two sides haven't got on well in the past.  I'm not sure what that means, although some search engines have told me it means 'Strawberry,' which I am carefully ignoring. Who wants to be a strawberry? 

My name isn't the only one in the family with colliding meanings. My dad's middle name is Ingles, which means 'English.' I've never understood that, as his family, including him, are scots.

What about your name?


The End

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