Maria Nadia Cendaña

99% of the people I know call me Nadia and only 2 people call me Maria--my mom and that's only when she's angry and about to hit me with a shoe. The second one is my friend Marcus who decided to call me Maria for the sake of being unique.

Maria was the name of my grandmother. I was told that almost all the names within our clan are just being "recycled" through generations.

So if my grandma is Maria and I am also Maria, I'm sure there's someone else within our clan who came before my grandma with the same name.

As for the name I'm known for, Nadia. I was named after a famous gymnast during the time I was born, Nadia Comaneci. Funny because I'm no gymnast. I can't even reach my toes without breaking my back! So there you go. That's my name! How about you?





The End

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