Make fun of me, everyone else does.

So, my name is India Charlotte Cullen; and like me, it's random through and through.

India: My parents like the name, so here I am. Apparently, I could have been called Vanessa. Meh, I like India more. My first name has caused me tonnes of trouble. It's not my fault I'm named after a country, formerly one of the jewels of the British Empire, to be precise. I got loads of grief from people asking me 'Are you from India?' Not a big deal now I'm older and in high school, but it made me pretty upset in primary school. I also get teased and get called 'Africa', 'Asia' and 'Indonesia'. Let them call me that. I'll get revenge. Someday.

Charlotte: I never particuarly liked my second name, and for some strange reason it reminds me of omlette. I said I was random.

Cullen: An Irish name, most of my family on my dad's side if from Ireland. That's pretty interesting, all things considered.

That's my name. And like me, it's random through and through.

The End

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