Quite Normal

Kate Rebecca Haines


Not the most common name in the world, but not totally random.


Kate is my name. It's on my birth certificate. Whenever I tell anyone my name is Kate, they immediately ask what it's short for. Nothing. My name is Kate. Just wanna get that straight :) I think I was named after my German great-grandma whose name is Katja (pronounced Kat-ya.)


Rebecca is a religious name. My middle name is found on some lost page of the Bible, and my mum and dad are quite religious. My brothers James and Daniel both have religious names too.


Haines is quite odd I suppose. It's... different to say the least. Don't know where it comes from to be honest, but I can't find many people that have it spelt like I do. In most people's cases, its spelt Haynes. But hey, different's good :)


So there you go, Kate Rebecca Haines :)

The End

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