My real name is not Elzu Wolfe, I'm sure that isn't too hard to believe. However I disowned my real name over a year ago now, for I found it dull and strangely common (There are at the very least 30 other people with the exact same real name as I), whereas, as far as I know, there isn't another Elzu... 

Elsu is a native american name, meaning the flying falcon. I have a fascination with flying, I believe all that energy is built up from a complete and utter desire to pursue goals and literally fly away with whatever creative energy you can. To me, it represents a freedom of choice. We aren't given an opportunity to choose our own names, not really, it is something that we become known as because of a decision made at birth, before you even have a character. 

For my own creative reasons, I exchanged the 'S' for a 'Z', I felt it was more modern, and once more divided the gap between a similarity with someone else.

Wolfe is quite obvious. I love wolves. I think they are majestic and terribly misunderstood. They are often considered frightening evil creatures, where really they are just a noble, free dog. They haven't been suppressed by man, they haven't been ordered to conform to a daily exercise routine at the end of a lead. They live by the beautiful light of the moon, and sing their song without fear... I can't think of any animal that represents what I love so much. 

So effectively, my name is Golden Falcon Wolf. Go figure. 

The End

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