My Name is Rebecca Joan Millar.

I like my name. Short and sweet. My Mum and Dad did too.. Obviously! My Mum once told me she named me Rebecca because of the book by Daphne De Maurier but I'm not so sure.  If I remember correctly isn't she the dead but vengeful ghosty person! I hope no one would  describe me as that .... especially the dead part!

Anyway Joan is supposedly from my dad's mum's middle name. Personally I wouldn't have chosen it but  I didn't have much choice in the matter. When I was younger and the other children found out my middle name, one in particular had a tendency to cry "Burn Her on the Stake!" Thinking about it now, it's quite amusing; I'm not french nor really religious but it did used to bug me. Now I just think it is a bit odd.

Miller is a pretty common place name; Millar on the other hand isn't so! Do you ever find that somedays you get so bored that you resort to searching for yourself on the internet? Well, I did that once and the search engine wanted to change my name! That really bugs me when people spell my name wrong but I won't rant and rave like my grandmother!  Anyway I found that  I'm some professor in Australia! Imagine that!

This whole naming thing is quiet interesting but I don't think I'll take after my parents idea when I have children; Sherlock wouldn't be greatly appreciated!

The End

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