my name...

My name is Sydney Gore Rubin.

I always liked my name, even when people started teasing me for the Gore part of it.  Because even though it sounds odd that part of my name has a story to be proud of, and a certain legacy.

But first, i'll start with my first name.  Sydney.  A rather rare name for a girl, especially spelled like that.  I do not remember liking it but only being neutral towards my name, seeing it as merely a title that meant me.  Until recently.  When someone I loved said it and it sounded so lovely...haha...I fell in love with my name then.  Their voice gave a quality to it that it had never had before.

Now onto the Gore part.  Gore is a family name through my mother's side.  Instead of dropping it, she chose to give her maiden name to me in the form of a middle name.  And here is the story...some of you may have heard of Gore-Tex?  That fabric thats breathable but protects from wet and cold?  My great-grandfather started the company Gore.  My grandfather invented Gore-Tex.  The first man who walked on the moon could not have survived without his suit of Gore-Tex.  Hospitals are outfitted with Gore's wires, cables, and tubes.  New medical advances are created every year, tools and instruments that save countless people's lives.  Those who seek to climb the mountain's of everest and to journey across the north pole or Antarctica use Gore-Tex fabrics to seal out the cold and damp.  Those who make fun of my middle name do not know its history or meaning or legacy.  I am proud of it, though I do not think I will take any part in furthering my family history.  The draw of the blank page has always called stronger...

Lastly, the Rubin.  This is my father's last name, and yes, as many of you have probably realized Rubin is a Jewish last name.  My father is Jewish yet I was raised Christian because my father did not care and my mother included us in her newfound religion.  Though we celebrate the Jewish holidays, which are rich with culture which always somehow feels exotic to us, no matter how many times we utter the hebrew words we will never understand.

That is the story of my name.  What is yours?

The End

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