Hey, I'm...

Hey, my name's Jessica Marie Lenz. Yeah, i know. Boring!!!!

My first name I was named because of the guy in the Bible named Jesse. If I had been a boy, I would have been named Benjamin. I would have been so humiliated. What if they called me Benjy in front of my friends? So, instead i got named Jessica, or Jess or Jessie. I like that name a lot better. The thing i dislike about my first name is that I know exactly 16 other Jessica's. Personally. So we always get confused. In Hebrew my name means "wealthy", which I find really ironic, because my family is anything but wealthy. Well, my immediate family anyways. I have an uncle who's a millionaire and all three of my Grandmas (one's a step-grandma) are pretty rich. One's a bit of a miser too. But as for me, I'm not wealthy.

My middle name, Marie, is what i was named because that's my great-great-grandma's name, apparently. In Hebrew it means "Bitter Sea". I find that a bit insulting. I mean, i'm neither bitter not am I a sea, so why should my name mean that? i like my middle name because it's spelt differently. I know plenty of Mary's, but I don't know a single Marie, so I'm happy.

As for my last name, it's spelt L-E-N-Z. not L-E-N-S, like so many people I know spell it. The funny thing about my last name is thta i only know one other guy who has it, and he has the same name as my late grandpa. His name's William Lenz, and he's a criminal. I know, disconcerting. what if they think my grandma's his wife and kidnap her so he'll pay them money??? It'll probably never happen, but i can still have an overactive imagination, right?

Anyways, I'd still rather you'd call me Jenessa Ronada. She's my ink and paper twin in the book I'm writing, and she represents me in a way I actually understand myself.

Anyways, what's your name mean????

The End

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