My name is....

Hi my name is TINGO DALLIS BIG SORREL HORSE. It is very long.

My first name Tingo came from my dad. He named me after his dad Augustine. My dads side of the family is spanish and my grandpa (dad's side) name was Augustine. but no one called him Augustine. everyone called him Tingo and that's how i go my first name.

My Middle name Dallis comes from......ummm.....i'm not sure i think they just wanted me to have a middle name.lolz

and my last name Big Sorrel Horse comes from my moms side. Her family name is BlackPlume but some of her family members are Big Sorrel Horse. It is a Native name and  thats how i got my last name.

Well thats my name and i would like 2 know about your name 2

The End

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