My name is...

Ah, well my name is Shayla Diane Laurie Cŏtѐ Neufeld. Long name, yeah?

There's a story behind each one, believe me.

Shayla - both my parents wanted a boy, as I'm the fourth born, and us four older ones, are all females. Anywho, they wanted to name me Sheldon, pssh, my uncle's name, but when it turned out that I was a female, my parents decided on Shayla. I rather dislike it because everyone teases me and calls me, "Shay Shay" it irritates me.

I have two middle names.

Diane - that was my great grandmother's name, Marie Diane Cote, I've never met her myself, but I've heard stories about her. Strange having a name from someone who'd be almost 100 by now.

Laurie - my father wanted me to be named after his mother, Linda Laurie Neufeld, my mother disagreed, but, soon she gave in and that's how I came to have two middle names.

I've got two last names, because my parents weren't married.

Cŏtѐ - you've probably already figured this out, it's french. My grandpa's family origonally came from France, nothing too interesting. My mother's birth name.

Neufeld - I ah, well, that's my father's birth name, I'm not too sure, but I think I do recall my father mentioning that his family origonally came from Britain, still, not too interesting.

And that's how I got my name, boring, yeah?

So, what's your name?


The End

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