My name is Izzy

To each and every person reading this my name is Izzy. Izzy Tokuten to be more precise. That is what my friends call me, it's what my enemys (if I had any) would call me. It's what my family call me.

I never said that was my actual name though.

And it's not. My name is Elizabeth Jayne Perks. Foul isn't it? But in fairness it's only my name on the birth certificate. I was named by my mother, in a moment of madness. She isn't the sort of person to think things through you see, in fact if she thought at all I'd be concerned. So she didn't think of a name for me before I graced the world with my presence. And when asked by the incredibly attractive doctor she didn't want to sound like a fool so gushed out whatever nonsense her fragile mind spawned.

This mad moment meant I was cursed with a name I hated, others hated and no-one could pronounce. So when I hit an age in which I was completely capable of rational thought and was able to make my own descisions, (in this case seven) I changed it, all of it. I think I might be the only Tokuten in exsistence... hmm.

So, I shall always be known as Izzy Tokuten. That is my name. No matter what anyone says, I am Izzy Tokuten.

The End

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