Common and Boring, party of about one million

My name happens to be Sarah Elizabeth Theresa Zerod.

I hate it.

What's really bad is there's no real story behind my name. I asked my parents. My mom always wanted a little girl named Sarah Elizabeth. My dad had no say. Sarah is just so common a first name (even though people have taken to changing it to Sara. the H is essential!) and Elizabeth is just as common as a middle name! I blend into the crowd! Especially the ever growing crowd of Sarah Elizabeths! Bad enough they share one of my names but both!!!

Theresa is my confirmation name. The saint I can think of with my spelling is The Little Flower. I picked it because it was my godmother's name and she died.

I like my last name, though. It's Zerod. Short but different. However, I think I'm going to change it to its previous version: Zaradkiewicz. Some ancestor of mine changed it when they came to America from Poland. I still can't spell it (had to ask my sister) but I like how it's out there.

I wish I could've picked my name. The name I use for almost all my stories is Jade/Jada. It changes depending on whether she's royalty or not. Jade just means green gemstone but Jada means 'He knows' in Hebrew. It probably means He as God but I tend to use different people according to my story needs.

My chosen middle name would be Hecate, as in Goddess of Darkness. I have this thing where I'm in love with the dark and it also means distant in Latin, which I kind of am until you get to know me.

That's my confuddled and boring name history.

What's your name?

The End

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