Someone Else's Name.

What's in a name?

My name is Patience Marlee Stewart.

Patience, amazingly enough, means... patient. And virtue. How strange. Nobody should've guessed that. I have an older sister named Faith, but her name is much more well-known than mine. Every time I see those racks of personalized keychains, Christmas ornaments, whatever, I always check to see if they have my name. They never do.

Marlee is a combination of the first three letters of my mother's name (Marjorie) and her middle name before she changed it to her maiden name (my mother's name used to be Marjorie Lee Farnsworth, but when she got married she changed it to Marjorie Farnsworth Stewart).

Stewart is a very Scottish name, which fits, because I'm about an eighth Scottish. I have a lot of royal-ish heritage in my name. Dad's ancestor was the Duke of Athole in Scotland, and Mom is related to the first king of England, but that line is extinct in th male line, I believe.


My pen name is Mariah Grey.

Mariah means uncertain, but that's not why I claimed that name as my pen name. I picked Mariah Grey because I've always loved the name Mariah, and also, the color that comes to mind when I hear the name Mariah Grey is a dusty rose color, which is pretty much the only shade of pink that I like.

I picked Grey as a last name because I like the color grey, and I've always loved it as a name. I spelled the English (British) way because it looks better that way.


The End

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