My name is...

My full name is...Alexandra Cheryl Helen Paul

My father insisted that I be named Alexandra, because it was one of the only girl names he could think of that didn't sound stupid when followed by 'Paul'. Alexandra Paul is a famous celebrity, best known from the show 'Baywatch'. I wonder if that has anything to do with it, or if the name just caught his eye.

Everyone refers to me as Ali. My mother said; "If she has to be Alexandra, her nickname must be Ali', and so it was.

Cheryl was a woman that my mother knew who was very kind and giving, I've never met her. Legally my mother couldn't give me two middle names, so Cheryl is an imaginary one.

Helen is my grandmother. It is my real middle name. My drivers licence spells it wrong 'Hellen'. She doesn't like me very much

My last name won't be Paul forever... and I'm glad of it, because having two first names is a bit of a let down, and I've gained nicknames like 'Paully' because of it...

The End

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