Should you read this?

My name is Krista Chantal Wong.

I'm of Asian descent so, yes, I do have a Chinese name as well, but I have no idea how to spell it; I don't answer to my Chinese name that often, anyhow.

The story behind mom wanted a unique and pretty name that couldn't be shortened into an ugly-sounding nickname. Weird criteria, I know, but that's how she described it to me. I don't know why she ended up picking Krista then, because it can be shortened to Kris, and it is often mistaken for Kristal or Crystal or Krystal...the list of typos can go on and on. And just recently I found that Krista is not that uncommon a name, because I met three different Krista's at work. But I'm happy being a "Krista".

Chantal was originally my mom's preferred name for me. For whatever reason, she chose Krista over it, and so Chantal became my middle name. For that I'm glad. Chantal isn't a bad name - again, my mom says it's quite pretty - but I just don't like it.

Wong...should be obvious. There's no point in explaining it.

I don't know if there's any special meaning behind any of my names, but I think that my mom simply chose them for the way they "rolled off the tongue". I've explained the reasoning there.

I never wanted to post this type of information on my profile before, but I guess that whoever reads this will know, and whoever doesn't will stay in the same state of ignorance that they are in. I would prefer that my real name becomes well-known...once I become a famous author ;)

The End

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