Niamh Rebecca Mary Smith *sigh*

My mother is Irish, and Niamh is an Irish name (meaning Bright).

It is mainly famous for the legend of Niamh and Oisin. A sad tale of a boy who is taken away from his land and marries Niamh. When he goes back to his land (five years later) he finds out that his family have all died and five hundred years have passed.

Or something like that.

Rebecca, not so sure why that's my first middle name - there's no one in my family with it.

It might be because it has a biblical reference - not sure where?

Mary. My mum's middle name is Mary, my mum's mum's middle name is Mary, and my father's mum is named Mary.

So it makes sense there.

Smith ... well obviously it's my families name.

I have a boring name background.

For those of you who don't know how to say my name, it's 'Neve' not 'Niamh'.

Apparently 'ia' in Irish Gaelic is 'e' and 'mh' is 've'.


The End

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