Que nome tenho eu ?

Translation for those who are unable to speak  Portuguese yet(there is always hope that one day you may want to learn,so here are a few words...), it is:

"Which name do I have ?"

Answer to that question is best left to say in the following words.

The one my mother name me after.My dad had no choice apart from giving me my surname(Poor man).

And I just realised that I have yet to state which name I go about in this world by.Ok,here it goes.

Carla Maria Gouveia Freitas

Carla-Femenine version of Carlos(in english-Charles),that is the true meaning of my name,I am a poor vision of not quite measuring to be a man!Well it could be worst.I could be a man!

Maria-Named after the mother of Jesus Christ.Blame my mother she is Catholic!

Gouveia-Father`s surname and by law in Portugal it should be my last name,but here is the funny thing my mothers surname is Freitas Silvestre,see the problem,when she married my father she already had is surname,sorry again dad!

So,really I have my mother surname last or none at all if you care to think about.

I personally choose the last!  :)

Freitas-Already explained.

On another note about the name my father wanted to give me:

Laura Sofia-It means Lauren for the first and Sofia well that one in Portugues means friend of Knowledge.

I guess my dad knew me better, for I would have preferred to have the late one.

Saddly I am Carla.

My mothers choice.

This is the short story behind my name what is yours ?

Qual e a tua ?

The End

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