Maru Naam che...

Alright, so my full name is Tejas Ashvin Oza. Thankfully, given the insidious reputation Indian names have for being absurdly long, mine is rather short and definitely easy to pronounce. Oh and if you're wondering  -  That 'J' is pronounced as a 'J' and not an 'H'. Um, to make things easier it's 'Thea-jus'.

But alright, my name... Now the thing is all Indian names have a meaning. To put it quite simply they're words.... just used as names too. So, mine means 'illumination' or 'bright'. Sadly, kind of ironic when you take into account how aloof and lost I can be. But then again, who guesses sh*t like that when you're a pudgy mess?

My middle name - Ashvin, is my dad's. Out here we usually just use our dad's name for our middle name. And for the record, Ashvin is basically the name of the last month of the Hindu calendar (which again for random bits of information is in the year 2065).

While I'm at it I might as well explain my mom's name. Sushama roughly translates to Aurora, I believe.

Ok, now about last names - Out here, last names usually are a mark of what caste you belong to and like its supposed to be common knowledge of what last name goes in which sub category but nowadays only people over 60 really remember most of that stuff. But apparently, my last name puts me in the Brahmin class which by our system used to be the caste that were (to generalize here) the 'educators and holy men'. Of course ironic once again, because I'm an atheist but heck, I like my last name... three letters. You could never spell it wrong!

And I think that's about it... Luckily I don't have an absurd nickname, seeing as my first name is concise enough. I mean I've seen people with nicknames that wouldn't even suit cartoon sideshows. And don't get me wrong... I love my culture... I just enjoy making fun of it as well. Heh, I'm weird like that... just go with it, but just don't diss my people. See, I do that...  :P

But before I start ranting about naming processes and how Indians love names that rhyme on siblings (thankfully my parents weren't inclined to such madness) I believe it's time to let the next person have a go :)


What's your name?

Thamaru naam shu che?

Apka naam kya hai?

The End

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