Je m'appelle...

My name is: Cayleigh Marie Stickler

Cayleigh: Because my mother liked the sound of it, but she didn't like the usual spelling, so she made it up.Apparently, there are some other people that spell it the same way, too.

Marie: My grandmother's (on my dad's side) middle name is Marie, but I'm not sure that's where I got it from. I think she just liked it and it flows well with my first name.

Stickler: Okay, that's obviously my last name. It's from my father. I don't know my biological grandfather, so I'm not sure how the "Sticklers" are, but my dad's a sarcastic bum, so who knows? Maybe I'll follow in his footsteps.

If I had been a boy, my mother would have wanted to call me Clayton Owen- named after a country artist.

If my dad had any say in it, Ian Lamar, because his middle name is Lamar.

I forget the girl name my dad wanted for me, but since he kind of just left, my mother had the final say in it.

The End

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