¿Mi Nombre?

For all intent and interweb-like purposes, I call myself Gwen.  Gwen Guienalei.

Allow me to explain, and even if you don't allow me I'm going to explain anyway.

"Gwen" was a name a friend of mine from ficlets gave me.  I'd mentioned that my real name begins with a "g", and then he began what I call "the name guessing spasm," meaning he listed off almost every single "g"-beginning name known to man (okay, maybe not that many, but it seemed liek it).  Finally he gave up and stuck with the name Gwen.  I kept it because I rather like it; not only is it a "g" name and monosylabic (which I happen to like), but it's different.  It sticks out, you see, it makes it memorable.

The "Guienalei" bit is a combination of my semi-obsession with the Spanish language and my want for a g-surname, to keep my real life "g-squared" names.  Guienalei ([hard "g"] gee-EN-al-ee) is pig latin for "alguien," the Spanish word for "someone."  I called myself "Gwen Somebody" for a while, but come on!  That's boring and obvious!  I wanted a "g" name, but I couldn't think of anything, so I started playing with the word "alguien", which, as you can see, has a "g" in it!  Woo!

It's my impish way of saying, "my surname's none of your business."

Do I hear a cry of dispute in the back?  Something about me talking about a fake name?

Firstly, I prefer the word pseudonym.  Secondarily, "real" implies the concept of reality, and since reality is relative to the person, my reality is that around here, it's my name, therefore it's "real."  And thirdly, my impish nature likes to bend the rules a teeny bit.

¿Y tú?  ¿Cómo te llamas?

The End

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