To be honest...

To be honest... my name isn't Amber. Neither is it Ritu.

My name is Arita Acharya. I am Indian... which explains it.

My first name, Arita, comes from a Sanskrit word which means "The Praised One". Yay. I'm praised. It's a bit embaressing when people ask me what my name means(in India all names have meanings), but hey, who said life never had it's embaressing moments.

My parents found my name on the top of a baby name list, which had names for babies of Asian origin. Considering how many people like to learn Sanskrit over here, I'm surprised no one has ever heard of it.

My last name is Acharya, as you probably guessed. Acharya means "Teacher" in Sanskrit. It is suspected that my dad's side of the family is descended from the famous mathematician and discoverer of the quadratic formula, Sree Dhor Acharya. My mom changed her name after marriage.

About Amber and Ritu. My nickname is Ritu. It always as been and always will be. Ritu means "Seasons" in Bengali(the Indian language I speak), which is a bit odd, but I ADORE the name. It's much better than Arita. All my friends call me Ritu, and even a few of my teachers do too. I'm so obsessed with the name, I have 14 accounts on various websites, all which have Ritu somewhere in the username.

Amber. I had to write a story for a school story writing competition, and I couldn't think of a name for one of the main characters. I decided to get a list of names and chose the first one I saw. It was Ethel. There was NO WAY I was going to use Ethel in my story. So I did it again and got Amber. Since I found the name beautiful, and since my story was a true incident and Amber was actually me, I decided to keep it as my nickname. Amber and Ritu were taken up on this website, so I made it Amberactuallyritu.

I'm planning to adopt Ritu as my middle name when I grow up.

So that's my name. What's yours?

The End

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