My name is Sharon Louise Joana Flood.  I used to be paranoid about putting my last name on the net, but I figure my name is already on face book and twitter, so what the hey.

My oldest half sister was nearly eighteen when I was born, and mom promised her that she could name me. I was the fifth child, so I guess my mom wasn't all that set on choosing another one herself. My dad wanted to call me Joanna, but it ended up being spelled with only one n on my birth registration card.

I like the name Sharon, but not Louise, I don't know why. There was always at least one other Sharon in my high school classes. There were as many as five Sharons in some classes. In my senior History class, our teacher named us Sharon 1, Sharon 2, etc. up to five. I was Sharon number 3. There are even two other Sharons at work besides me.

Considering how common the name is, you'd think that people could spell it. My own brother still spells it Sharen, because that's the way he says it. His spelling always sucked  anyway, so I just consider the scource and ignore it.

I had a Science teacher that always spelled my name Sharren on report cards. You would think that a man of science would at least be able to spell a common name! I had a personnel manager that always spelled my name Sharron on my badge, and on my pay envelopes. When I told her the proper spelling, she argued with me, but then she argued with everybody!

Aside from my official name, I've had a number of nicknames. In various stages of my life I've been called Sophie, Share, Sherrie, Shari-Poo, the Floodster, Flooderama, Sunshine, bookworm, shrimp, shortie, munchkin, (I'm short, if you haven't already guessed.) and Aunt Dodie, which is the current one. I have absolutely no idea why. My most recent nickname is Moonwalker, or Moon, and I use various versions of it on other sites.

So that's how I got my name, how did you get yours?

The End

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