Meet Trinh Le Tuyet (Lisa) Pham

If you were to say it in Vietnamese it would be 'Pham Le Tuyet Trinh' don't ask me why it's backwards, maybe something to do with Eastern cultures not wanting to conform to Western.

Pham is my mother's family name, she was born 4th into a family of eight.

Le is derived from dad's side, that's all I know and that he wanted it to be part of my name.

Tuyet Trinh is basically what my parents decided to call me, I think mum was the one that actually came up with it. So that's what I'm called in Vietnamese, or should be at least.

Everyone calls me Lisa, my cousin came up with it. Unfortunately she got hit by a train at the age of eighteen and has passed away. I'm not exactly sure what Lisa means, every baby name book or website has a different definition and the only ones that I can remember are "honey bee" which I don't like because bees are annoying. On the contrary (did I spell that right?), I like the meaning "God's promise/gift" as it shows a bit of my ambitious side.

For those of you who are wondering 'jalsy' = Just Another Lost Soul (the y just adds zest ;p). I also use the nickname Hecate a lot, she's the ancient Greek goddess of darkness whom I share traits with (solitude, protectiveness, loyalty, etc) plus my birthday November 30 is said to be one of the two days most sacred to her and she is said to manifest herself in others so I have this little theory that I'm her or that she's in me.

So there you have it, not very exciting (I wasn't planning on posting this to be honest). Tell me about your name?

The End

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