Behind the Name

My name is Chelsea Lauren Dejong Rickson.

Original huh?

Chelsea:: It means port for limstone or chalk. The story behind my first name is that well my mother dated this guy and his sister's name was Chelsea and she said it just stuck. Lucky me eh? Get named after an ex-boyfriend's sister.

Lauren:: Means: Laurel? lol I was given my middle name because of my oma (grandma in dutch) her middle name is Lauren.

Dejong:: Is my mother's maiden name, and since I was born before my parents actually got married I figured it might as well go in. Its Dutch, that's really all I know. My opa (grandpa in dutch) came to Canada when he was..18 I think and stayed and married my oma. =)

Rickson:: Is my dad's last name. Not sure what it means, but there are a huge mess of us.

What's behind your name?

The End

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