To Tell The Truth...


My Name isn't really Holli. *gasps* It's actually not really close to it either. 

My real name is Tai Chelsea Johnson. I don't know why but I'm not a big fan of it. Holli was just a name I decided to use on the internet as a sort of protection. This is the only time I'll admit this. I came up with it a few years ago, and have been using it on sites such as this. I came up with the idea after listening to a lecture about internet safety at my school. 

My dad came up with my first name, they liked it because whether I was a boy or a girl I could still be named Tai, just with a different spelling if I was a boy. I heard that it's Fijian for 'Waters Edge' which I think is pretty nifty. I hate it though mostly because people always spell it wrong and pronounce it wrong. It's three letters, how hard is that? Really? 

I'm not sure how I came to have my middle name. I'm not afraid to tell people my middle name since I like it, sometimes better than my first name. Plus it's not a common middle name surprisingly. 

For my last name, it's like number two on the most common last name list. I hate it. That's why I can't wait to get married so I can have some nifty and special last name. Johnson is so boring and overdone, plus three boys from my science class found a way to make fun of it. Grr... I don't like them. 

My sister's name though I believe has the greatest meaning behind it. Her name is Fehren and she was named after Dr. Fehrenbacher (I don't know how it's spelled). He was my father's heart transplant  surgeon. I actually got to meet him before my sister did though. Mostly because since I was the youngest I was always forced to go to the hospital with them whenever he had his check  ups. 

So even though it's not my real name I prefer that you call me Holli. Or you may even call me Tigger which is my nick name that people use for me all the time. 

So what's the story behind your name?

The End

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