I was named...

Michaela-Jake Felicity Marcs Reynolds

As you can see, a rather long name, yes? There's a story behind it... sort of.

Firstly, my name is not Michaela... it's Michaela-Jake... see the hyphen in the middle? A lot of people first see my name and just call me Michaela... I get very annoyed by this.

I have stories for my double forename...

Michaela: My father had a twin sister growing up named Michaela. She died when she was twenty-one of breast cancer. My father thought it would be 'special' to name me after her, in memory and in love. My mother thought it was sweet, my grandparents thought he wanted to replace their beloved, darling, deceased daughter - I was born less than a year after she'd died. As you can see, I was still named after her.

Jake: It's my father's name. He's named Jake Reynolds. Story behind it? My mother refused to ever have another child after me - she couldn't handle the pain of childbirth for a second time, she'd said - and he wanted a child with his name a part of their's(preferably a son, but he ended up with a daughter instead). My younger brother was born two years later... his middle name's Jake.

Hence, Michaela-Jake... because it's different that I have both a girl's and a boy's name for my forename. My parents are strange people.

Middle names. I have two.

Felicity: It's my mother's name. Like my father, she always wanted a daughter with her name as their middle name... don't ask why, she just did. I don't hate my mother's name... hate's a strong word... and how could you ever say that? It's just... it's very... 'proper'... and 'posh'. My mother comes from a very middle class family - like my father - with plenty of money and very high in society. Hence, my name had to be 'different' from your average Plain Jane and Tom, Dick and Harry.

Why she called me Michaela-Jake, I don't know! Because they seem to be rather 'common' names, don't you think?

Marcs: I do not have a conjoined surname. Marcs is my second middle name. It was my mother's maiden name before she married my father and changed her name from Felicity Jane Marcs to Felicity Jane Reynolds. Seeing as her parents only ever had daughters, she wanted the family name to continue - in a way - so persuaded my father in giving me a second middle name... a name that resembles a boy's name... Marc... but with an 's' on the end... Again, my parents are strange people.

And my last name, is explanatory.

Reynolds: My father's family's name that's gone back generations. My mother changed her name when she married my father.

So there you go, the story behind the name given as a result of my birth. Strange? Yes... Different? Very... Unique? Absolutely. And I love it!

So, can you beat mine? What's the story behind your name?

The End

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