My name is...

My name is - Charlotte Elisabeth Anne Perry.

Its not really an exciting story as to why they called me that. But I do know that if I was a boy, they'd have called me Ryan. Pfft.

M'kay. My last name is my father's rather than my mother's. They weren't married, and Dad wanted it that way.

Anne, becasue that is my Mother's Mother's name. Or my Grandmother, whatever. Spelt always with an E rather than without.

Elisabeth, becasue that is my Dad's oldest sister's name. Spelt with an S, not a Z. Slightly different I spose. She is also my favourite aunt, and my younger brother calls her Aunt Almighty.

Lord knows why.

Charlotte, I have no idea why actually. It was either that or Francesca. Mum says she wanted a name she could shorten.  I think Dad had the final say though.

Also because, all of those names have Royal... counterparts? You have Queen Elizabeth, Anne, the queens sister (I think) and Charlotte, who is also a relaitve apparently. Don't quote me though, its just what I've been told.

So, where'd you get your name from?

The End

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