Alllll Righty, Listen Up

My name is Camellia Rose Hitt.

Last name first. "Hitt" is a German name, possibly adapted from "Heite" (High-tee), related to the English "heath", and I can trace my family name back to the very first man in our line who came to America, Peter Hitt, in 1714. Beyond that, it gets fuzzy, as there's a Peter Heite who disappears in Nassau-Seiberg, Germany - where Peter Hitt was in all likelihood from (either that or England, highly improbably cause he settled with German immigrants who were from the same area as Peter Heite) , He disappears at the appropriate time to leave for America and become Peter Hitt. But nothing's proven. 

Otherwise, I'm named for the shrubbery in my front yard. Seriously.

My mom hadn't been able to get pregnant at all, and she'd been wanting and praying for a baby since my parents were first married. Then once in late fall when she thought she was pregnant for the only time in 19 1/2 years of marriage, she looked out the window at our front yard and the camellia bush and the rose bush were blooming. She said to my father, "Maybe I'm blooming out of season too. If I'm pregnant, and it's a girl, why don't we name her Camellia Rose, instead of Camellia Rae after my high school friends?" 

My dad said okay, and I got a really floral name. 

Then when I was ten, I told my mother I was never naming my kids flower names, because they "didn't mean anything". My mother passionately disagreed, saying that in Victorian times, when you gave someone a flower or a bouquet, you were sending them different messages based on what was in that bouquet. 

So we looked it up. A pick camellia, as I am named after, means "longing for you". And a red rose means, of course, "I love you".


Camellia's also the Latin name for the tea plant :)

My handle on this site means nothing; I picked it on a whim and I'm not even Catholic. My handle on several other sites, BlueRoses, does. Blue is my favourite colour, and blue roses don't exist, although gardeners and geneticists have been trying to create them for a long time. They are arguably the Holy Grail of rose gardening and plant engineering.

Blue roses embody mystique, unattainability, wonder, caution, enchantment, new opportunity, complexity, the extraordinary, and a tantalising vision that cannot be pinned down, as well as a bunch of other things that may or may not relate to me. BlueRoses also means something to me spiritually.If I were ever to change my AWESOME first name, it would be to Blue.

My nickname is Milli, just a short version of Camellia. It is unique, short and conjures visions of posh old women. It's also awkward, like me.

So that's my name. Camellia Rose Hitt. Or Milli.

Not Camille, Amelia, Camilla, Cornelia, Cami, Emily, Lilly, Billy, Mildred, or Millicent. I don't care if you pronounce it Ca-MILL-ya or Ca-MEAL-ya, and I've gotten over correcting people's spelling.

And I'm still not naming my kids flower names.

The End

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