Hello. My name is ______

Emily Autumn Mariah McGlashan. (Oh yes. Try saying that three times fast).

Emily - my dad liked it. That's just literally it. I'm called Emily because my dad liked the name Emily.

Autumn - named after perfume. I'm serious. My mum had this perfume called Autumn Maple, and she really liked it, so she was going to give me a double barrel first name after that. But my dad, who I imagine must have been thinking something along the lines of Hell no! We can't name our daughter after perfume! asked if I could be called Emily at the last minute and my mum agreed. I, personally, would love being called Autumn-Maple. It would be awesome. My friend Flora calls me Autumn as a nickname :).

Mariah - that 'h' at the end means something. It makes the name go Mah-rye-ah. NOT Maria. My name is too good for that *grin* (I like the name Maria, just so you know). I've heard two stories about this one, strangely both told by my mum who seems to forget what she's previously said a lot. Anyway, story numero uno (because I like saying numbers in Spanish) is that someone in our family was called Mariah (and that's it). Story a-number zwei (because I also like saying numbers in German. A-number isn't German. It's me being strange) is an adaptation of story one. Someone in our family was called Mariah and some random gypsy/romany person told my mum that if she named her first daughter after that person then she would be watched over. HENCE!

McGlashan - this is supposed to be pronounced M'ck-glash-an, but I'm too lazy to do that so it's Muh-glash-an to me. And yes, you do have to capitalise the 'G'. Simply, it's my dad's surname.

Und du? Wie heiss du? 

The End

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