There is no R in my name! ...I mean W

You know, I love my name sometimes, hate it others, depends on my mood really. It one of those special, unique but awkward to say types. That means I always feel like a have a cold or something when I say it. Fun times. :/

So... you've all heard of the name 'Bronnen'. No? I didn't think so. Truly, truly I thought not. It's a Cornish name that often gets confused with the much better known 'Bronwen' of welsh origin. One thing you must know: my name does not have an R! ... I mean a W. I could go back and change that but it's so typically me that I no longer care. :| Seriously.

My parents chose 'Bronnen' because it is different. I think special is a more apt way of putting it but hey. I'm sure that's politically incorrect on so many levels... Well whatever the reason I'm stuck with it now.

Interesting Side Note: If I was a boy I'd have been called Keiran. I love that name, though it's not as unique special.

Okay, middle name: EVE. I love it, also it is my grans name... moving on.

Last name: Rowett. I think that one's cornish, don't really give a damn to be honest but it's easy to remember so hey... all's good!

Pseudonyms: Curasi Tayo: Was a character in a two year long recurring dream I once had. I attempted to write the story for a while but I couldn't, I've forgotten most of it now but at least I stole the name! :)

Nicknames: B, Silver, Angel, Curasi, Cura, Tayoo, Tayo, Bronze, ***tch, Nennorb, Nen, Bron, Bronny *insert unamused face here*, Torturous, Queen, Monufu, It, Slow Mo II, Demon Child, JEABs Extremities, Monster.

Uhh... that's all I can remember off the top of my head. ^^

~Cura :)

The End

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