What's your name?

Here's a random thought. What's your full name? Who named you it? Why is named so? So many qestions, all answered here...

My name is Jan Michael Joseph Valles Itong.

Most people call me mike or michael.

My mom named my Jan Michael instead of just Michael because she wanted all of her children's initials to match. What does that mean? It means me and my sisters have this initial, J.M.I. Weird? Yes, I believe so...

Joseph is my saints name. It's supposed to be Saint Joseph the carpenter. Since I have an overly Christian family who worship hard work, they thought it would be best for me to be named after the carpenter, a hard worker. Frankly I have no problem with that except for the work part. I blame my low attention span and lack of interest.

Vallles is my Mom's last name before she was married. I decided to put it there because I wanted to. Any objections?

Itong as you can probably tell is my last name. According to my dad, the Itong family was mainly made up of technicians and auto-repairmen. I think I'm the broken link, seeing as I have no idea how a car works....

Well that’s all the info on my name. What does your name mean?


The End

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