Do you immediately offer your liver for when the time comes?

Ak-Chi-Chi takes his eyes off the road for a minute and glances over at you.  You rub your eyes and look around.

"Where did this Chevette come from?", you ask noting your cramped surroundings.

"Chevette?", asks Al-chi-Chi, "What Chevette?"

"This car, it's a Chevette isn't it?"

"No.  This car is not a Chevette", says Al-Chi-Chi, sounding increasingly annoyed.

"It looks like a Chevette", you say in a modest tone hoping not to anger him.

"Yes, it might look like a Chevette, but the Chevette is a Chevrolet model.  This might look like a Chevette but it's not.  This is a 1984 Pontiac Acadian.", chides Al-Chi-Chi, wiping his horn with his hoof.

"I'm sorry", you begin, "but"

"By this time next year I predict this car will be replaced by the Pontiac Firefly, but I'm no Sylvia Browne", continues the goat headed man.

Becoming bored with Al-Chi-Chi's irrelevant car talk, you decide to change the subject.

"How long have we been driving?", you ask.

"Since we got off the plane of course"

"I must have missed a lot", you offer, "So, please, remind me where we're going."

Al-Chi-Chi looks around him as if he's just heard that a turkey actually looks like an elephant.

"What do you mean, where are we going?"

"Well, I seem to have missed getting on the plane and getting into this Pontiac Acadian", you retort, annunciating Pontiac Acadian with some irritation.

"Well, it seems that if the idea of a man with the head of a goat able to correctly predict next year's model of a 1984 compact isn't bizarre enough for you, I would have hoped that you'd at least be able to remember the part about finding a liver for a mannequin", mocks Al-Chi-Chi, rolling his eyes for effect.

You and Al-Chi-Chi drive in silence for a long while.  The road is bare save for the occasional cactus and grounded Zeppelin. 

 Finally, after much consideration, you muster up the most courage you've ever mustered and pipe up, "Look, honestly I don't know what I'm doing here, but if it helps us get out of whatever situation we're in, I will gladly let the mannequin have my very own liver."

The goat head man simply rolls his eyes once more, looks at you with a complete look of disbelief and states matter-of-factly, "You, my friend are a very, very odd fellow.  Anyhow, we're here."

With that, he turns one of the most popular compact cars of its time into a parking lot brimming with vehicles of all types and ages.  (with a few grounded Zeppelins)

A large super-store brimming with more strange looking characters  looms before you.  And the sign reads, "Squeak's Massive Grocery Store"


The End

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