Speak with the supposed space traveler to learn of his voyages.

       As you approach the feather clad fellow a strange sense of peace envelops you, "He sure looks like a fine feathery fellow," you think to yourself. 

    "Why hello there 'lil fella," says he. 

   You begin to respond when  you see something so horrendous you  almost black out. It appears he is eating the recently cooked remains of your best buddy chicken #78b.  Then you see something shiny and forget what was distressing you, then you notice something hanging out of his mouth ....OMG NOOOO chicken 78b ......then back to the shiny thing.  Fortunately for anyone reading the space chicken has by now finished his snack. So your next look is NOT on that fellow who shared a coop with you, 62a was it ? Wait a minute chickens are female aren't they ?

By the time you finish your randon thought of the second, the space chicken has......

The End

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