Keep pretending you're really a chicken and head back to your coop, warm and safe.

In the distance, you see your home, a modest coop with a little, chicken-sized ramp that leads to an opening much too small for a wolf. Glad to have the whole ordeal with the monster and the fear of memories and thoughts behind you, you're ready to live without the trouble of emotion or complexity. In fact, you only have one thought inside your simple mind: the warmth of the hay that awaits you, where you will nest down just in time for a nice, chicken-sized nap. The quality of life of a chicken is truly under rated, you think to yourself as you strut through the cool night air.

Without warning, a giant fireball launches from the sky, destroying the chicken coop. The rush of hot wind and splinters erupting from the crash stops you in your tracks. Your chicken ears ring painfully. A few more steps and you would have been fried.

Any sadness for the other chickens, which all surely perished in the explosion, is pushed from your mind at the sight of the smoldering, metal sphere that sits amidst the wreckage. It begins to vibrate, and after only a moment one section of the sphere begins to slide into itself. You hear air escape the pressurized cabin.

If you were more intelligent, you might wonder if the sphere were a space ship, especially after a man covered in a light coat of feathers emerged.

The End

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