You jump to your feet ready to fight the beast.

The beast looks at you and laughs. "What kind of pathetic excuse for a chicken are you?" exclaims the wolf. "Not even the slightest effort after I knock you over once? Don't you have any self respect?"

As the wolf snickers at you, another lazor beem™ hits him directly in the read end. He jumps and whines, taking off like the big bully he is in the opposite direction.

Farmer John looks at you from beside the oak tree, blowing smoke from his laser pistol. "You really shouldn't be out here at this hour, you know. Why don't you head on back?" His kindly demeanour and obvious common-sense reassures your tiny, pea-sized brain. You cluck twice and duck your head as you acknowledge his reproach and head back towards your warm, cozy henhouse. What were you thinking, pretending you were a human?

After considering that for a moment, you wonder to youself: Where do these strange thoughts keep coming from?

You keep on trotting back towards the henhouse, claws scratching at the ground, and you glance down at you feathery chest. You notice something shining, there. Glinting in the early moonlight.

Is that... could it be... a zipper?

The End

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