Stop at a coffee shop for a mocha

You mosey into your local coffee shop, Jimbo's Java Joint, ready for a caffeine and sugar rush from your usual large mocha.

Over the bustle of the morning crowd and the steaming espresso machines, Jimbo waves you a quick hello. "Nice sideburns you got goin' on this morning, my friend," he exclaims. You nod in thanks, glancing around the room. A large pile of white, fluffy feathers catches your eye from the far left corner of the room.

"Grande hazelnut white chocolate mocha!" yells Jimbo, over the noise of the machines and the his customers' lively chatter. You wander towards the counter and hand Jimbo a $5 bill and ask casually: "Poultry problems?"

Jimbo looks at you knowingly out of the corner of his eye. "Those damn feathers been there since yesterday morning, dunno where they came from, but damn me if I can even pick them up, let alone move them."

You give Jimbo an odd look.

The End

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