A shrill woman's voice in an unknown language........

" Aiyyyooooooo! Derfu hreris comenfur mahbaak sydeee!"

A lot went silent instantly, including the pursuer who suddenly seemed to be chasing me on mute. I could hear nothing but the hiss of the Global Translator, who had to, i then realized, translate my own words, or rather the shrill woman's.

The effects of gravity also made themselves evident and I plummetted ina spray of feathers.

" Baghoooee! ".

There she went again! Who in heavens, (where I was falling from) was voicing concerns (not greater than mine at the moment!) thorough my larynx?

" Aflootennnnn, pie I gemham am frouyin trying coo too ralk talk retete in frangipani english!"

I could sense the GT trying to break through the barriers of the woman-hidden-in-me-speak. She was trying to communicate with me in English!

But why? I couldn't speak that nerve wracking language myself, which was not too bad when compared with the fact that some freaked out woman had taken control of my vocal cords.

How would I speak with her?

I continued ruminating while obeying gravity and noticed that my erstwhile pursuer had now become the pursued. THAT eased off one concern!

But wait! He seemed to be working on his rocket pack!

I had to talk to the woman and find out who she-I was and how I-she got herself-myself into bird of a feather, which generally flock together.

The End

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