Buck buck buck.......(wth?)

"What the......?", went my fowl mind.

Profanity had ceased to be part of my vocabulary at egg birth, but I seemed to have developed a way of finding loopholes in my resolution.

After all, a B did change things, didn't it?

"Buck buck buck a kuk buck a kuk", went my beak again.

My pursuer howled out his outrage, " Yaaaheeeee! The buck stops here!"

Realizing that life was no longer the cocoon of albumen, i decided that the Buck had to gather speed and try and live to crow another day. I flapped and my wings responded with a surge of power.

Coming into level flight, I pulled  out my binoculars from a fold in my feathers, I focussed them onto my huffing and puffing pursuer. He had a name tabbed onto his vast chest!

"Deadline? What kind of name is that? And why was he chasing me?"

Questions were coming to roost in my mind, laying eggs of doubt. "Had I forgotten to do something? Did i not meet a Deadline somewhere? Not this Deadline chasing me, but then aren't I suppossed to be chasing deadlines?"

My thoughts flashed back to the night before, when I was in the arms of my amore, Duckess Thigh.

We had been talking over a drink.

The End

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