Whats the Point In My Existence?Mature

What’s the Point of My Existence?


I was born in a world of hurt and pain

I wad born with drug addicts

I was born with an abusive father

I was born with a suicidal mother

I was born with a hurtful brother 

I was born with a voiceless sister


I was born with all these bad things

I was hurt so bad

I’m forever going to be traumatized

I never had any good memories as a child


Then I got out and got to start out new again

But the pain came back

The trauma


And the one time is supposed to be the greatest of all time

Is ruined due to all of the pain they caused me


The depression


The fear


Now I want to die almost every single day

I just can’t take this anymore


So why


What’s the point in being born into this world?

What was the plan for me?

Why did god do this to me?


What is the point in being born? 

The End

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