What's real?

Eric, Sophia, and Amanda are all entering high school together. They have to go through the four years of high school to find out who their real friends are by distinguishing over everyone who runs through their life. Unfortunately there are some issues that will occur and will leave someone confused on knowing what is real.

Eric, Sophia, and Amanda have just finished their last year of elementary school and now is entering the real life world of high school. The first day of school was slowly approaching and Eric and Sophia has already been conversing with the upper class-men for the upcoming track year, which left Amanda all alone. Amanda has always had an easy time making friends, but this time Amanda felt alone do to all the respect power the older high-school students had upon her friends.

The first couple of weeks were flying by and soon it was football season was approaching. With the football season comes the games and dances. Eric was the captain of the varsity football and Sophia was captain of the cheer leading team. But Amanda she  had other priorities. She was a dancer at heart and did ballet and jazz dance at Joel Hall after school which made her unable to do any extracurricular activities like her friends. 

The End

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