What's It Like?

If you could ask a dead person any three questions, what would you ask? Most people would ask the same stuff: What happens after you die? What does it feel like to die? Do you miss being alive? Well, I'm here to answer those questions. 

Well what happens after you die is very simple. You get to watch everyone. I guess you could say you're a ghost. It's like you're alive, but nobody can see you. You walk around. You can breathe or sleep if you want to. And there' s one collective place where all dead people go when they're done following people around. I don't know where that is, though, because I'm not done following my mother around. 

I watched my funeral. My mother was sobbing and my dad just stood by, too upset to do anything. He wasn't one for emotion when I was alive, but I could tell by his body language. He had never stood up that straight in his life.

My friends and family each came up to my closed coffin, reacting in their own ways. Mai was weeping. My boyfriend, Keenan, had to be escorted away from my body. My sister Dani could barely open her eyes because she was crying so hard. It was the hardest thing to watch. 

What does it feel like to die? Well, the way I died was peaceful, I guess. I suffered cardiac arrest while I was sleeping. But death is always terrifying, according to the other spirits I've spoken to. I woke up that night, feeling like something was wrong. I didn't want to wake my parents because I didn't want to bother them. I sat on the toilet, got a drink of water, lay in bed. Nothing could get the feeling out of my head. All of a sudden, there was a sharp pain in my chest. It got incredibly hard to breathe, and soon I wasn't breathing at all. I put my hand on my chest and felt my heart beat. It's a terrifying thing to feel your last heartbeat. One minute your heart is racing a mile a minute, the next not at all. Then, I felt a force similar to gravity pull me upwards. And soon enough, I was standing next to my body.

Yes. I do miss being alive. I miss lots of little things. The feel of the sun on your skin. My bed. My house. My friends and family. I even miss school. But the thing I miss the most is touching. I miss hugs and kisses. I miss holding hands with my boyfriend, and I miss being held by my mother when I cry. I miss the feel of my dog rubbing up against my legs, and I miss the feel of her tongue on my face. I miss living.

But what can I do? Soon enough I'll be born again into a new life, after people start to forget about me and get over my death. It's time to move on. They'll get over me, I have to get over them, no matter how much I love and miss everyone and everything.

The End

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