Whats inside, stays inside.

Boys will be boys, but one boy won't be the same at all...


Legend tells of a weapon meant for mass destruction, used by a group of evil people called Sekai no Ukete, the Takers of World, in about the early 1600's.  There was also a warrior by the name of Shikaku Maderame.  He had a son and a wife.  The son's name was Erai Yakunana.  Erai was still in the process of being born, approximately three months into the birthing process.  At about three and a half months, the weapon of mass destruction appeared!  It was a demon made out of sand.  They called it Suna no Akuma.  Meaning the demon of sand.  The demon and Japan fought for a long time, about one and a half years.  Finally Shikaku and his clan decided to seal away the demon.  The sealing would take about four hours.  So they started the ritual to seal the demon immediately.  Little did they know that the demon, Suna no Akuma, was about four miles away from the sealing ritual.  The demon could feel the ritual draining its power.  Shikaki saw the demon coming to stop the ritual so he lured the demon to the desert and battled it there.  After about a half an hour of battling the demon trapped Shikaku in a sand dune and crushed him inside, for the demon had the powers to control the sand as well.

The demon went as fast as it could back to the ritual area to stop it.  At about three miles away from the area, where the demon could see the area off in a distance, there was a great, blinding light.  All of a sudden there was was no more demon, and no sign of where it could have gone!  No one knew if it had retreated, got destroyed by another force, or anything.  Right after the birth of Shikaku's son, Erai, his wife disappeared.  Some say that she took Erai with her.  Others say she killed the baby and ran away.  But I know what really happened.  The woman turned to sand and flew away in the wind.  Why, I am not sure.  The only other thing I know is that the boy lives today, by the name of Brian.  He was trapped in time as a baby until about two years ago.  The organization called Sekai no Ukete, still exists as well, still trying to capture the demon to try to take over the world once again.  The only physical way of finding the boy, Brian, is by the mark, or seal, on his back.

The End

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