Empty Milk Jug

The small flower pattern on the empty milk jug is the reason it still sits on the kitchen window sill. Its beauty saving it from the rubbish bin when the handle snapped into three pieces many years ago. With a wide opening, big enough for a hand to reach into, it has become a collection point for things. Many things come and go but at the very bottom of the pretty milk jug three of them stay.

A metal book marker in the shape of a rose, with a lilac ribbon attached, had only seen the pages of  Leonard Cohen's Book of Longing.

The ring with deep blue sapphire and two diamonds lies beneath the book mark. Another object of beauty and sorrow stored away until the heart could mend.

The third permanent resident inside the flower patterned milk jug is a key. An apartment key that is no longer useful to anyone but is kept because the time to throw it away has not come.

The hand that reaches into the milk jug rustles around finding picture hooks, rubber bands, the occasional pen and business cards but has no reason to pull out the three mementos of a lost love.




The End

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